Sunday, June 06, 2010

Why the interest in Tina (Munim) Ambani?

Every time I look at the data on visitors to this blog, it turns out that my post on Tina Ambani (Tina Munim) is the most visited page, as I have noted once before.  What is the deal?  Why are so many people interested in that?  And, why do they come to my page for info on Tina Munim?
Of course, the web traffic data says that they reached the page by searching for it, and overwhelmingly it was a Google search.  The top five countries from where this search was done--from where I got these visitors--are:
India, US, UK, Canada, UAE.
The traffic data for India and the US are not significantly different.  The visitors from Canada + UAE exceed those from India ...
Here is Tina Munim (with Rishi Kapoor) in Karz

Btw, you folks reading this, will you throw me some details on how you ended up here ... about your interest in Tina Munim?  Am just damn curious :)

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