Thursday, February 12, 2015

Baptists and Bootleggers rallied at the capitol, which means that you and I are screwed!

A talk by a faculty, originally scheduled for today, was cancelled.  I wonder how many students showed up for a panel discussion on liberal education that was also scheduled for the same time.

All because of a rally at the capitol to seek additional funding for higher education.  The one that I was alerted about a few days ago; remember?
Your salary, your benefits, your retirement, your class size, and your teaching load are all at stake.
I wonder if the comrades waved banners about their salaries, benefits, and retirement.  My guess is that they would not have; what says you? ;)  It makes for bad PR to speak the truth, right?  Am guessing that the rally was all for students.  Because, their hearts bleed for students.  If you believe that, well, I have so many things I can sell you!

But, the comrades are better.  Than one guy here:
UO interim President Scott Coltrane and Portland State University President Wim Wiewel — and many students — wore big green buttons declaring “755.” The figures 755 and 550 were the numbers of the day. Oregon’s seven universities want the Legislature to spend $755 million on them over the next two budget years, up from the $685 million that legislative leadership have proposed and the $594 million in the governor’s budget.
Which one you ask?  The UO interim president, of course.  He is the same guy who just inked the 17.5 million dollar salary, plus fringe benefits, for "the best professor" at his campus.
Universities have only so many sources to look for money — state spending, tuition and donations. State spending and tuition are the bread and butter of college operations, Coltrane said.
If he can pay that kind of salary to a damn football coach, I don't want a nickel of my taxes going to that university.  (Of course, they will engage in accounting gimmicks of how tax dollars are not used to pay the coach.  But, those are gimmicks. Well, that is plain and simple bullshit!)
Coltrane said that, in terms of normal operation, “we really do look to the state and look to tuition. (Donors) are not big on that.”
Oh, my!  The president of the flagship university of the state openly says that donors are not big on normal operations of the university?  And, neither the press nor the politicians care to grill him on that?

So, the comrades and the administrators, who are usually at each others' throats, come together for more money from the state, which reminds me of the Bootleggers and Baptists analogy.  Of course, the comrades are also big time sports enthusiasts and, therefore, they don't care about the 17.5 million dollar waste.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

I am wasting my time and energy thinking and writing about all these.  I wish I were smarter and had gotten aboard the gravy train to retirement :(

I will never learn.  And one of these days I will be kicked out of my job too.  Even then I might not learn the lessons.  Oh well; stupid is as stupid does!


Ramesh said...

Familiar topic and one with which I agree with you; so very little to debate.

So I shall merely enquire as to why the "capital" is spelt with an o by you lot. I also thought it referred to only the one in DC - can it be commonly applied to every "capital".

Why do you guys insist on murdering the Queen's English :):):)

Sriram Khé said...

Salem is the capital of Oregon, but when we refer to the government there, it becomes "at the capitol" ... at least, that is the way I have always understood it ;)

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