Sunday, February 08, 2015

We pick it ‘because it’s there’

I never, ever, have to worry about running out of bloggable material.

From the title of this post, you will never be able to guess what this post is about.  You forgot the title already?  Here it is:
we pick it ‘because it’s there’
It is about what you and I and everybody else does on this planet.
From the poor Ethiopian to the rich Bill Gates.
From the powerless Bangladeshi to the powerful Barack Obama.
We all do it.

We do it in the bedroom.
We also do it in the living room.
In the bathroom, of course.
Heck, even when driving sometimes.

What could be that activity where we pick it ‘because it’s there’ ...
If we get caught red-handed, we experience shame and regret.
And that activity is?
I'm talking, of course, about reaching up into your nostrils with a finger in an effort to scrape out snot.
Would you have guessed that?

Even more, did you know that there is a medical term for it?  I did not know that!
A mania?  Hmmm...
perhaps nose picking is just evidence of laziness. Fingers, after all, are never in short supply when you feel the urge to clear your nostrils.
I tell ya, there are people who are so bored, so lazy that they can't even be bothered with picking their noses but had to do research about it!
It's gratifying to know that some researchers are still trying to understand the reasons we pick our noses and the consequences that arise from it. In 2001, the Indian researchers, Andrade and Srihari, were recognised for their work with an Ig Nobel prize, which is given for research that first makes you laugh and then makes you think. At the ceremony, Andrade remarked, "some people poke their nose into other people's business. I made it my business to poke my business into other people's noses."
Stop, stop, stop!
Take your finger out of your nostrils and watch this video instead ;)

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