Thursday, February 26, 2015

If you are happy and you know it ...

A couple of days ago, I retweeted this from my favorite "academic" tweeter:
Apparently, I was not the only one who knows that I am happy.

It was a crisp morning, and the clock had yet to strike seven, as I headed out to campus.  Yes, I have a clock that strikes at the hour and at the half-hour.

Yes, I peep into my own home! ;)

It is the clock that was at grandmother's home in Sengottai.  It is one of the many tangible, tactile connections to the old country and to the people that I cherish.

I left home a minute or two before the seven strikes.  Getting up early is an advantage, dear reader.  "Dawn is breaking, it's early morn."  The air is cool.  The beginnings of movement of people and birds and critters.  Children dragging themselves to bus stops, some seemingly standing and sleeping.  Early mornings are simply divine.  Perhaps, in my own way, I commune with the cosmos getting up in the morning, similar to the people in the old country waking up early and heading to the temple after bathing.

As always, I took the roads that meander along the green fields with the hills in the distance.  It was a series of dry days without the rains and with clear skies.  The sky was huge and I could see hill ranges that I rarely ever see.

A few miles away from campus, I inserted the only CD that I had in the car.  When I bought the CD a a couple of years ago, I found it a tad jarring whenever this played.  But, now, I look forward to this cover version.  I sang and drummed along.

I played one more, and then powered it off as I got closer to town.  I opened up the sunroof.   I wished that I had this song to play; but, it was at home.  No problems; I belted out the few words that I knew from the song.

I parked the car--yes, after closing the sunroof.  And was walking towards my office when an older woman said something to me.  "Pardon me?"

"You look happy" she said.

"Yes, I am always happy.  Thanks."

Life is good.

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