Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The cosmos' answers to my nagging Ed Koch question: "Hey! How'm I doing?"

The human that I am, there are days when I feel let down that the faculty life that I live---which I thoroughly enjoy--is not rewarded and appreciated the way I feel it ought to be.  Hey, if you prick me do I not bleed?

But, fully knowing that the cosmos doesn't care, I go about it anyway.

After reaching the campus, I was walking towards my office and was practically at the building entrance door when I thought I heard a voice yelling "Dr. K."  I thought the sound was coming from a certain direction and looked that way. Yes, I hadn't imagined anything--a former student was walking towards me.

It is always a pleasure to see her.  To talk with her.  I wish I had her level of energy, enthusiasm, and positive attitude towards life.  Even when I was her age, I had become who I am now--a curmudgeonly old man!

"Guess what?" she asked as she produced some bureaucratic paperwork for me to look at.  "I am starting full-time work, which will more than pay the bills and I can then continue to enjoy my dance and piano."

She has understood really well, at a young age, that not many can sustain themselves simply by following their passions. More often than not, there is that job that people do so that they can keep doing what they really like to do.  Sometimes, I wish she could talk about such aspects of life to incoming freshman students.  Heck, even to some forty-year olds!

"We need to do lunch soon" she said as she walked away.  I know we will.

The cosmos was reassuring me that I am immensely appreciated.  And rewarded.

I felt relieved and happy.  That moment of doubt passed.

The day progressed.

Another student showed up for her appointment with me--a minute early. As she sat down, she said, "this is for you, from my island."  Shortbread dipped in chocolate!

The cosmos made sure to smack me on the head for the doubt that I had.  I am all set for the next few months of confident, self-assured, existence.


Ramesh said...

No doubts needed at all. You do a good job and that is always appreciated. Even your blogging is appreciated !!!!!!

Sriram Khé said...

OMG, praises again?
Wait, is this my old friend Ramesh or some Chinese hacker? ;)
Thanks ..

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