Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not all women are friendly. You knew that, right?

I walked along the crater's edge at Volcan Irazu.  There were a few others--they seemed to be Costa Ricans, and not foreign tourists.  I could feel the 11,000-feet elevation in my lungs and in the cooler temperature.  The sun's warmth was comforting as that of a lover's.

Irazu's crater

A guy, who was definitely much older than me, and perhaps in his mid sixties even, was doing a slow jog. Perhaps a silver fox he was, as my friend might refer to him.  Wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and a gym tank-top.  Well, I was not that different, with shorts and a thin tshirt, though nowhere near his level of fitness.

A contrast our outfits were to the few girls and women there with their families--they were all in sweatshirts.  I wonder if we men are naturally warmer, or whether we are somehow programmed into tolerating the cold more than women do.  Perhaps the women are programmed to feel cold so that the men would then want to protect and comfort them? It is another way to attract a mate?

As Professor Higgins exclaimed, if only the women could behave like men.  Nah, that will be one boring world then!

I knocked myself into a conscious realization that I was in Costa Rica, at Volcan Irazu, and that I could always worry about the gender issues at a later time.

I continued to walk towards the far edge when I heard the joyful cries of a young woman.  A young man was carrying her across his shoulder, and occasionally tilting his body to one side that then drew the shrieks from her.  Ah, to be young and in love.  As I neared them, I could see that he was a broad-chested well sculpted guy, and she was a petite frame.  Of course, it would not have worked the other way around, right?

Will she always remain petite? A decade later, will he be able to carry her across his shoulders? Will he be as fit as he is now?  When young, we think our youth will be with us forever, and then we age. Seemingly overnight. We wonder then where all that youth went. We worry that we never did all those things when we were young.

He put her down and she clung on to him even as she yelled in delight.  As we neared each other, I looked at her and with my puny arms demonstrating strength I told her, "he is a strong guy, eh."  She chuckled loudly and said, "yes, strong."

Nature does it own landscaping by the crater

I walked around some more before taking the path back to the parking lot.  A lot more tourists had arrived, by the carloads and busloads.  I was glad I beat the crowds.  Better to stay away from them.

I neared the parking lot.  I spotted an older couple sitting by themselves on a bench and enjoying the sights and the sun.

I walked up to them. "English, yes?" I asked them.

"Photo?" asked the man in response.

He thought I wanted him to click me.  But, I wanted to take their photo.

"You two look lovely.  May I take your photo?" I asked them.

The man was very happy.  He smiled big time. He moved closer to the woman. And started to lift his arm as if he was going to place them around the woman.

She then muttered something without even moving her lips and without changing her expression even a little bit.

The man quickly put his arm down. His lips smiled no more.

I clicked.

As she gets older, the young woman ought to continue to be charming and giggly for the sake of the rest of us crabby people. Even if she will not be petite in a few years, and even if her beau won't be able to carry her across his shoulders.  May she continue to delight everybody--her beau, her friends and family, and strangers like me!


Ramesh said...

Ah the mysteries of women. I shall leave Shachi to expound on them !!

The temperature conditioning of the genders is an easy one to solve. It can be authoritatively stated that there is no difference in the cold tolerance between man and woman. The experiment described in the post contains a biased sample given that the male is a strange character who comes from the frozen wastes of a distant land called Oregon and for whom 40 deg (F no less) is a balmy summer's day :)

Sriram Khé said...

Hahahaha ...

Luis, the driver, stayed back at the parking lot, while I went walking about. When I returned, after an hour or so, he was surprised that I hadn't taken with me the sweater I had brought along just in case. I told him the temperature was just right. And it was then I realized that throughout the drive he had his window up, while mine was down. On the way down, I asked him if he wanted me to pull up the window--he was ok though.
So, yes, I have gotten so much used to the temperate conditions here ...
But, put me in an air conditioned room and i will complain about the cold. I somehow cannot adjust to the unnatural cold when the air outside the room is warm ... go figure!

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