Saturday, June 01, 2013

On Father's Day Gifts

In an episode of the Cosby Show, Cliff Huxtable whines on about how the children put a lot of thought into making their mother feel special on Mother's Day, but that they shop at the last minute for him and get cheap, atrocious gifts.

Yes, fathers all over America, and perhaps in a few other countries too, put on a fake smile when they get boring neckties, yet again, as gifts.  Makes for ah, some--oops, awesome--memories!

A few years ago, my daughter gave me a gift that I certainly would never have bought for myself: A pomegranate face wash. Who woulda thunk that!

I liked it.

It feels very good when I use it. But, I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to use it every day, or once a week, or ... Though the small size that is, perhaps I haven't used it as often as I am supposed to--there is at least a quarter that remains.  (Note to self: use that tonight and look good in the dreams!)

Does that kind of a product have an expiration date? The face wash doesn't seem to have any date printed on it.  Do they not include that information because they don't expect the customer to keep it for such a long time?

More questions.  Now that my hairline is receding fast, the forehead is as large as Texas.  So, does it mean that I can now use this face wash on the balding top that once used to get a shampoo treatment?  If I go fully bald, then do I simply not purchase shampoos and only get face wash for the head too?

Life was simpler when I was a kid.

Help is certainly on the way though; the soap people are already on to helping men like me.  (Note: do not misread that earlier phrase to mean men liking me.  The idea is to only attract women.  At the least millionaires, and preferably multi-millionaires.)

I picked up a product the other day because it promises to make my life really simple.  An Old Spice product that is both a hair and body wash.  So, no need to buy a shampoo, and it is a conditioner too!  I will continue with the Pomegranate face wash until an Old Spice four-in-one product comes along.  I am sure the face wash will last another couple of years, at least.

Now that she is married, perhaps the daughter has a lot deeper understanding of us men.  The gift arrived early as well.  The husband and wife team got me a wonderful Father's Day gift when they yanked out the dying bushes in the front yard, bought lovely new plants, dug holes, planted them, and spread mulch cover too.

I wonder what is in store for next year.  Should I remind them that my car is getting old?  Preempt any possible pomegranate skin cream gift?

Nah. The daughter is the ultimate gift of all. I am a rich man. A balding rich man.


Ramesh said...

I shall hereby send a Friend's day (if such a day exists) gift of "L'Oreal Men Expert Vitalift Eye Roll On"

Sriram Khé said...

I was soooooo disappointed, Ramesh, when you skipped over this post and commented on everything else .... which then makes your wisecrack here all the funnier.

but, if you want to remain on the Diwali card list, make sure you don't delay commenting beyond the minimum waiting period ;)

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