Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why say "I am hungry like a bear" when in Costa Rica?

For the longest time, I couldn't make up my mind on what I wanted to do when in Costa Rica. I didn't even make hotel reservations--I had yet to feel that special feeling about a hotel.

One day, it happened.  The Orosi Lodge, in a small little town, situated in a valley not that far away from San Jose, felt just right.

The Orosi Valley, from a lookout point in the hills.  Luis stopped by the roadside so that I could admire the scenery
I was now set with the hotel.  Correction. A lodge.  In my email, I wrote:
I prefer the upper floor room for the view from the balcony.
Because of the description that two volcanoes are visible to the naked eye right from the balcony.  And, one volcano was active.  Who wouldn't want such a view?  Jimmy Stewart's character in Rear Window would have way preferred this, with Grace Kelly by his side, right?  Well, I suppose if Grace Kelly is by one's side, any man will find even hell to be pleasant!

Orosi Lodge--I stayed here for the first four nights
Andreas was at the desk to check me in and hand me the keys.  As he started talking, I remembered the information that the lodge was owned and operated by a German couple.

"Where in Germany are you from?" I asked him.


I told him about having been in Munich many years ago when the taxi driver asked me to look up at the famous Bavarian sky.  Andreas beamed a smile and said "blue sky with white clouds."

After walking around the town a bit, I returned to find a woman at the desk.  "You are the wife that Andreas said might be here?"

"Yes. I am Connie" and she extended her arm.

The next morning, I was up even before sunrise and knew I had a long wait for breakfast time--Andreas told me that they opened up again only at seven.  Lucky for me, the doors opened even before 630.

"Guten Morgen" I said walking in.

Connie wished me in German and Andreas said "buenos dias."

Andreas and Connie--the owners/operators of Orosi Lodge
I told them that almost thirty years ago I had taken German classes in India, but only for four weeks.  And that I don't remember all too well a phrase they had taught me.  I uttered that German phrase, which, from their reaction,  I knew was all messed up.  "That was supposed to mean 'I am hungry like a bear'" I said with a chuckle.

"What things they teach, eh" chimed in Andreas as I sat down at a table for my breakfast.

Freshly scrambled eggs with cheese and tomatoes, with bread and jam, and juice. And coffee, of course.   All wonderfully tasting.

I had another validation of the special feeling I had when making the reservation for a room that came with a balcony view of two volcanoes.

Towards the left edge of the range, the highest point is Irazu, which is quiet for now.  On the right, after the dip, is the active one.  While not visible in the photo, one can clearly see right from the balcony the plumes rising from the volcano.  In a later post, on going up Irazu, I will provide the "smoking gun" photo!


Ramesh said...

All is well with the blogosphere again with the return of Prof Khé. The Wall Street Journal has estimated that blogging volumes worldwide dipped by 10% during the time the said prof was vacationing and that stock prices of Google, which owns Blogger, dipped by 5% :)

Yes, pics and stories of Cosa Rica , we anticipate. But why on earth did Max Mueller Bhavan teach you "hunger as a bear" of all phrases ???

Sriram Khé said...

ah, yes, I expected such wisecrack from you, Ramesh ... but ...
I was also sure you would say something about Grace Kelly and you didn't :(

Unlike my brother, I went to the German classes for just about a month. The instructor said something about how he had been to Germany--I think all the teachers did--and how he found that expression amusing. I think it is like how in the US we always say "I am starving" which makes people from other countries wonder about this "starving" ;)

Narayanaswamy S. said...

nice pics

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