Tuesday, June 04, 2013

All excited to meet my love ... 25 years!

In a world where love seems to be more and more fleeting anymore, and true love appears to be less terrestrial, I have been in love with her for a quarter century.

A love that has never wavered.

An unconditional love, despite not getting anything in return.  Not even a glance in my direction.

She is quite a charmer--very few have ever charmed me like she has over the twenty five years.

I first laid my eyes on her in graduate school.  

I was a naive graduate student from India with youthful dreams, and it was so easy to fall for her.  I knew she had a long line of fans.  I too joined that line.  But, I never felt jealous of the others in the line.  In fact, it was a case of love, like misery, loving company.

Over the years, I made many plans to spend time with her.  But, until a few years ago, I was married, and it is not always easy to work such deep love for another when the spouse has other plans.  "Some day" I told myself.

Meanwhile, my daughter said she was going to visit with this love of mine.  She didn't know, until she described her idea, how much I had been longing to visit with this love.  Yet, she didn't want to take the father along with her, and I told myself, "some day."

My daughter returned with stories that added fuel to that decades of fire.  My love was beautiful in the photographs.  My daughter was immensely happy, and I was even beginning to feel a little bit of jealousy towards my daughter.

Now, I am only days away from meeting my love.  

Oddly enough, I am not at all nervous. It can't be because of my middle age.  I get nervous about so many issues even at this age, yet the thought of meeting my love of twenty-five years doesn't make me agitated even one bit.  

Perhaps I am confident that I won't be let down.  I am confident that she will only treat me well.  Not like some of my other loves.

I will soon find out.

Wish me well, dear reader.  After all, such love is rare these days, and don't you want this story to end well with a "happily ever after"?


Ramesh said...

I thought you've already visited your love .....

Wishing you well, dear friend. Happy journeys. Your love is indeed very beautiful.

Que tengas buen viaje

Shachi said...

Dang, so where are your traveling to? I'm so curious :). Happy journeys!

Sriram Khé said...

Shachi, there is one clue in Ramesh's comment.

Here is another clue: it is a country without a permanent standing army.

Are the clues enough? Solve the puzzle and you get life-long free access to Sriram's blog ;)

Shachi said...

Costa Rica? I might get to visit next year on a work trip...

Sriram Khé said...

Yep :)

Oh yeah, because of the Intel connection, right? Cool ...

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