Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Father's Day in Costa Rica

After checking in, when chatting with Andreas, I understood he was a father.  I didn't know if he had sons or daughters or how many children he had. He was a dad, and that much I knew.

Andreas looks about my age.  Perhaps I am at a stage in my life that I can relate to the trials and tribulations and joys that fathers go through.  At least a little bit of resonant emotions.

Such selfies are a part of the travels anymore.  In the room at Orosi Lodge

It was Father's Day Sunday.  I had already picked up my daughter's gift--a month in advance.  I am not sure how much the daughter understands the extent to which I cherish her in my life.  Perhaps that is how it is when one is younger.

I wished Andreas a happy Father's Day.

And handed him a bar of Trader Joe's Belgian chocolate.

I almost never, ever travel without those chocolate bars.  When I am alone, they comfort me.  When I am excited, they share that with me. When I want to give somebody, especially students, a gift, those bars are awesome.

Orosi is quite a picturesque town

Once, at a crowded Lufthansa checking-in, a stern young German woman completed the process and handed us the boarding passes.  It was a surprise--business class passes.  A free upgrade!

That was one of the many free upgrades I have had over the years. Who cares if I am unlucky in love, eh!

When it came to boarding the aircraft, I noticed the same young woman verifying the passports and boarding passes.  I dug into my backpack and fished out a bar of Trader Joe's chocolate bar. First, I gave her my passport and boarding pass.  She handed them back to me when she was done.  I then gave her the chocolate bar and said "thanks."  The stern German simply nodded her head as she accepted it.  Not even a smile!

Now, it was another German to whom I gave another chocolate bar. Andreas was visibly excited, unlike that Lufthansa woman. "Thanks.  It is my son who should give me a gift" he said.

Connie, his wife, chipped in: "he is sleeping and won't get up for a while. I don't think he has any gift for you."

So, there was a son.

The following morning, I saw a young man working with Andreas and Connie.  "You must be the son" I said.

"One of the two" Andreas said.

"Twins" said Connie.

"Thanks for giving my father a gift on my behalf" said the son with a huge grin on his face.

Father and son: Andreas and Sebastian

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