Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Father's Day in Costa Rica

After checking in, when chatting with Andreas, I understood he was a father.  I didn't know if he had sons or daughters or how many children he had. He was a dad, and that much I knew.

Andreas looks about my age.  Perhaps I am at a stage in my life that I can relate to the trials and tribulations and joys that fathers go through.  At least a little bit of resonant emotions.

Such selfies are a part of the travels anymore.  In the room at Orosi Lodge

It was Father's Day Sunday.  I had already picked up my daughter's gift--a month in advance.  I am not sure how much the daughter understands the extent to which I cherish her in my life.  Perhaps that is how it is when one is younger.

I wished Andreas a happy Father's Day.

And handed him a bar of Trader Joe's Belgian chocolate.

I almost never, ever travel without those chocolate bars.  When I am alone, they comfort me.  When I am excited, they share that with me. When I want to give somebody, especially students, a gift, those bars are awesome.

Orosi is quite a picturesque town

Once, at a crowded Lufthansa checking-in, a stern young German woman completed the process and handed us the boarding passes.  It was a surprise--business class passes.  A free upgrade!

That was one of the many free upgrades I have had over the years. Who cares if I am unlucky in love, eh!

When it came to boarding the aircraft, I noticed the same young woman verifying the passports and boarding passes.  I dug into my backpack and fished out a bar of Trader Joe's chocolate bar. First, I gave her my passport and boarding pass.  She handed them back to me when she was done.  I then gave her the chocolate bar and said "thanks."  The stern German simply nodded her head as she accepted it.  Not even a smile!

Now, it was another German to whom I gave another chocolate bar. Andreas was visibly excited, unlike that Lufthansa woman. "Thanks.  It is my son who should give me a gift" he said.

Connie, his wife, chipped in: "he is sleeping and won't get up for a while. I don't think he has any gift for you."

So, there was a son.

The following morning, I saw a young man working with Andreas and Connie.  "You must be the son" I said.

"One of the two" Andreas said.

"Twins" said Connie.

"Thanks for giving my father a gift on my behalf" said the son with a huge grin on his face.

Father and son: Andreas and Sebastian


Ramesh said...

Fathers' and Mothers' days have not really caught on back here, despite the best efforts of the advertisers. So the children don;t have to worry about getting a gift and the fathers can blissfully not expect one :)

YOU GOT UPGRADED IN LUFTHANSA ????? And you have had "many free upgrades" ?You must have special unbelievable charm on the lasses manning (womanning ?) thew ticket counters. Lufthansa is notorious for never upgrading - they'll bump a passenger off rather than upgrade somebody. Please write a post on how to exercise this charm for charmless mortals such as yours truly !

Sriram Khé said...

Ha! I think finance people like you gave Lufthansa and other airlines some bad advice ... I haven't had a free upgrade since December 2011--I think that was my last one ... for a segment between Frankfurt and Chennai.
You are lucky you haven't had that kind of free upgrades. You have no idea how awful it is to return to coach, after flying business class ;)
My son-in-law was also amused at the free upgrades ... I shouldnt have shared those stories--evil eyes, and now no upgrades for two years :(

Narayanaswamy S. said...


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