Saturday, April 07, 2012

So ... there are good hoodies? In Spain?

Geraldo Rivera set off an inferno with his comments, stupid as they always are whenever he opens his mouth, that wearing a hoodie is to invite trouble. 

Cartoonists quickly reminded us about the hoodie-wearing people of a few decades ago who made sure that blacks knew well where they belonged in the US.

And then today, I see the following photo in the news:

Eerie it looked.  But, guess what?  The photo of hoodie-wearing crowd is from across the Atlantic:
Penitents from the Jesus Yacente brotherhood wait to take part in a procession in Zamora, Spain, April 5, 2012.
 So, curiosity took over: what is the Jesus Yacente brotherhood and why this hood?  Wikipedia, sadly, is of no help!  And this one is all Spanish :(

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