Monday, October 05, 2009

In praise of In-N-Out ...

I was in Southern California for three days for a conference, and had In-n-Out burgers two of those days ....  Hmmm... am drooling for one now as I type :-) 

We lived in Bakersfield when two eating places opened shop, next to each other.  One was Krispy Kreme and the other was In-n-Out.  The reviewer of a new book on this restaurant writes:
I can still recall the anticipation and excitement that accompanied the opening of the first In-N-Out in my hometown of Bakersfield in 1991: Store #65. From the day it opened, the place was packed. Crowds are normal at any In-N-Out Burger, especially during the lunch rush, but long lines pose little deterrence to faithful customers.
  I waited for quite a few weeks for the crowds to get over the excitement, and then went to this brand new store in town.  Was worth the wait.  And then went over to KrispyKreme for a fresh delicious hot glazed doughnut that gloriously melted away in my mouth.  More droooooools :-)

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