Saturday, May 30, 2015

What a nightmarish story to read!

No, it wasn't about the Islamic State.
Nor was it about the deaths in India from the scorching heat.

Those, and more, are beyond me.

Within my own sphere of influence, what could be a nightmarish report to read?
Think about what worries me, a lot, about my own life.

Yep, the worry that I will live past 75!

I read about supercentenarians, which did not make my morning good! ;)
Supercentenarians — people who have lived past their 110th birthday — generally come from a heartier stock than most people. They tend to have few age-related health issues and are much physically and mentally sharper than their peers during their 80s and 90s.
Am exhausted from reading that.
When she died, [Gertrude] Weaver was the seventh-oldest person in verified history. The woman who preceded her as the oldest living person in the world, Japan’s Misao Okawa, died a month after she turned 117 — older than all but four other people in verified history. (Okawa credited her longevity to lots of sleep and lots of sushi.) The current oldest living person in the world, Jeralean Talley, is one of 11 children of Georgian farmers and is the 12th-oldest verified person in history; Brooklyn resident Susannah Mushatt Jones is only 44 days younger than her.
The rapidly changing world won't help me either:
As we enter an age with less war and infection and fewer accidents, more and more people with these superior aging genes have been able to make it to a point in time when they can show them off.
Maybe this summer I should start smoking, drinking, and eating nothing but the reddest of red meats and ensure that I am gone before 75.

There is, but, a faint ray of hope for me:
Ninety percent of supercentenarians are women. Some scientists think the two X chromosomes that women have explain some of the gender imbalance among the world’s oldest people. “The second X is like a backup,” Young said. “Males only have one chance to make a mistake.”
Thank heavens for that Y chromosome, whose geography I tracked down a couple of years ago! ;)

Which means, I can continue to eat healthy and tasty foods, like the one that I had last night, and still exit at 75?

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