Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Perils of (Pauline) Pakistan

Decades ago, when I was young, one of the first "English films"--movies in the English language that is, American or British--I watched was "Perils of Pauline."

No, I am not that old!

It just so happened that I lived in a small town in India, and the English language movies we watched were often ten or fifteen years old, sometimes even older!

Watching movies was, of course, not the real reason why I went to the outdoor "Park Club"--it was, after all, the teenage years and I had a huge girl problem!

Anyway, where was I?  Yes, The Perils of Pauline.

The perils of Pakistan began right from birth, with independence in 1947. War with India. Military takeover. War with India. More military. War with India. Even more military. Hanging of a former prime minister. Almost war with India. Post 9/11 and the Taliban.  Gruesome assassination of a former prime minister, who was the daughter of the former prime minister who was hanged.

In between, thrown in earthquakes, rains, floods.

In case Pakistanis thought that they could turn to their beloved game of cricket to escape from everything, well, the situation is so awful there that no country wants to sends its team to play matches in Pakistan.

Any good news at all from Paulinistan?

How did things go so wrong? :(

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