Monday, August 12, 2013

Don't ever get involved with a redhead. How about a grey one?

When I spotted a redhead on the bike path, I was reminded of a graduate school professor, Jim, who, during a trivial conversation recalling his days at Stanford, advised me, "don't ever get involved with a redhead.  They cause heartache."

I suppose Charlie Brown and redhead troubles of the heart are true, after all!

Back in India, as a kid I was always intrigued by Charlie Brown's strange fascination for the red-haired girl, especially at Valentine's Day time.


Good ol' Charlie Brown often drove himself crazy over the redhead.

Another graduate student, Karl, was a redhead himself, and he often joked, semi-seriously, about how redheads were becoming very rare and that perhaps he ought to marry a redhead and have children with red hair so that the genes don't get wiped out.  I wonder if he ever did that ...

Of course, with easy coloring techniques, anybody can become a redhead, a blue-head, or whatever.

I am very happy with my gray hair--it is really gray, and rumors that I dye them gray are just that--rumors :)

A few months ago, I was at the grocery store checkout counter thinking about what I should cook, when I noticed that the young clerk was a real redhead.  Perhaps a high school senior or a college freshman kind of an age, and the redhead grabbed my focus.

I suppose she either sensed my looks fixated on her hair, or perhaps she actually saw me.  In any case, when she was done totaling up the grocery items, I looked at her and she was already smiling away.

"Wow, a real redhead!" I said.

She smiled even wider a smile and happily replied, "yes, it is all real."

The way she responded, I think I made her day with my comment.  At least, I like to think so.


Ramesh said...

Very safe. There are no red heads in India :)

Sriram Khé said...

that is a neat way to avoid the charlie brown trouble, eh! i am thinking of a four-letter word that begins with a w, ends with a p, and has in between i and m ;)

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