Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bond? James Bond? Really? Skyfall

Finally, it happened.


This means that starting this Monday, which it will be only minutes from now, I can forget all about this and get to some real work--no, not cooking, but preparing for classes and for the upcoming conference.

So, what happened?

I watched Skyfall.

"That's all?" you are thinking. Let me remind you that this has been a long time in the pipeline.  Since March. Nope, since last September.

Skyfall was a very different Bond. James Bond.  And I don't mean my hassles with getting used to a blond dude either

There wasn't any flashy Bond Girl.
No real fancy gadget--the gun was so lame.
No snarkily funny punny comments.
"M" dies.
The bad guys blow up Bond's Aston Martin.

What the heck!  Why even bother to call it a Bond movie?

Of course, the plot was as convoluted and bizarre as any Bond movie typically has.  As Bond himself notes, this movie was all about his specialty of resurrection!  He can compete with Phantom as the Ghost Who Walks!  Come to think of it, the movie Phantom had one heck of a girl!  No, make that two stunners ;)

Oh well ... at least one more thing off my list, though it has taken me only five months to put that check mark there.

But, hey, this movie's Bond song might just about be the best since Goldfinger.  Adele's was is awesome, which shall be my concluding thought on this.

Ok, I lied.  How about ending with Shirley Bassey's Goldfinger?

Ok, I lied, agaiin.  How about ending with this one?


Ramesh said...

Everything after Sean Connery is rubbish !!

Just shows you can't drag a franchise on forever. It had a time and place and the world has moved on. We should have let it be, with the Goldfinger song and Ursula Andress !

All the best with the new term.

Sriram Khé said...

Does it mean that you haven't watched Skyfall?
I assume you at least watched the Roger Moore 007 movies?

The whole concept has morphed so much that it feels so bizarre ... especially when we have had movies like the Bourne series that were far more engaging ...

All the more the reason, I suppose, to stop watching movies and just keep reading and blogging instead ;)

Sriram Khé said...

How surreal that the old Bond's nemesis--the Russians--would do such an awesome cover of Skyfall ;)

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