Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer! Can't do serious blogging :(

Allow me to use Calvin's logic first:

It has been a month since the academic year ended.  It might as well have been a century ago; that's how it feels.  If not for the summer school class, well, I wouldn't even know the day of the week or the date!

Summers here, in this part of Oregon, are to be experienced to be believed.  Look at the weather conditions:

(Ahem, those of you in the metric world--you know who you are!--we in the US don't care about the rest of the world!)

You think it is possible to even think about serious topics, leave alone analyzing and blogging about them?  No, ma'am, no can't do!  Try as I might, that is mission impossible.

Let me explain.  I am up at about 5:30 (yes, early for everybody except Ramesh and Gowri!) and the air outside is at a wonderfully refreshing cool temperature.  The kind of mornings that makes me wonder why the world is not awake at that hour.

As the coffee starts brewing, and as the aroma wafts its way from the kitchen corner through the entire home, and as the bread transforms into a golden-brown toast, the thoughts of work or the Syrian civil war, or the free falling Indian rupee, all those issues seem so trivial.

The hot Ethiopian elixir will blur the newspaper headlines as I head to the funny pages first.  The headlines become even more stale, and even less appealing, after that.

Thus, it requires a Herculean effort on my part to blog even this much, dear reader.  Am making a huge sacrifice for you.  Just for you ;)

The blueberry season is coming to an end.  Not to worry; I saw quite a few blackberries waiting to mature and ripen.  As the temperature warms up, the blackberries will sweeten and will be my treat at the end of my walk.  You really think that at that point I will feel like picking up War and Peace or the Scientific American?  Ha! HaHa!

Light and lively pop music.  Women in summery dresses.  Children with their tans jumping into the water along with their dogs. The sculpted and beer-bellied men speeding on their bikes.  Smell of backyard BBQ. It is summer.

If every single day of the year were to be like this, the planet's seven billion will be crowded into this small and remote corner of the planet.  Which is why there are the long, wet, cloudy, overcast months to keep the pesky billions away.  Summer is our reward for standing up to those awful months.

Ah, but I know me.  The dull and boring me will blog on serious topics. Or, perhaps not--if too many beautiful women keep smiling at me on these gorgeous summer days!


Ramesh said...

If you live in a place that is cold, wet and gray for 364 days in a year, then on the one day when the sun shines, this is the sort of a post that will come :)

Now you know why retirement is a great option ..........

Sriram Khé said...

here in oregon, the joke is that we intentionally overstate the rain, overcast, and cold conditions only to keep people, especially the californians, away :)
i am doing my part ... muahahaha

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