Sunday, July 14, 2013

I now hope that every summer will be like this one!

Many years ago, when reviewing midterm responses, I got excited when I noticed that a student had written a poem at the end her answers.  Since then, I have been eagerly scanning through responses to see if there might be poems.


After some lull, at the end of one student's final paper I spotted a postscript about the class and my teaching.  (Positive, of course!)  After that, it has become my habit to go to the last page first, hoping to find some positive comments.  Unlike with poems, yes, these have been plenty.  Sincere statements.  Not any brown-nosing stuff.

Meanwhile, I got a new year greeting card from a student.  All it takes is one incident for me to start thinking that is the beginning of a trend.  Strangely enough, with the exception of poems, it has always been that way.

Thus, years ago, when a student gave me home-baked cookies, the Pavlovian in me was all set to expect more goodies.  What an interesting world I am in: cookies, cakes, bread, chocolate, tea, and I am sure I am missing something in this list.

Earlier this morning, I was on campus.  This was a multiple: a card, chocolate, and more.  Way more.

I read the card and sat down for a few seconds to ease the emotions within.

And then, I spread them out on the table in order to take a photograph.  To the student (you know who you are, and I bet the pieces in the photo will easily identify you to any of your friends, should they read this post!) a huge thank-you.  A thank-you of a very large magnitude.  I am sure that I do not deserve that much, or even a little bit.

BTW, this means my expectations will go up that much more for the terms to come?  These students are not training me well!

The cartoon was stuck on my office door, courtesy another student.  Yes, humor is a "hoot" ;)

Teachers don't get paid?  Humbug; those who say that have no idea how rich I am with such priceless gifts!!!


Shachi said...

aah lucky lucky you! so thoughtful. And priceless indeed!

Ramesh said...

Note to students of Geography 101 - write a poem at the end of your term papers if you want an A :):)

Note to teacher - you are one lucky guy. Enjoy the accolades which are very nice, but money is nicer :):):):)

Sriram Khé said...


Yes, I could always use a little bit more money ... if only the management consultants and IT people would send some my way ... hmmmmm :)

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