Thursday, July 25, 2013

Religious nationalism in the old British Raj :(

The cyberspace in which we discuss ideas has plenty of downsides.  For one, we apparently engage in a lot more skimming through the readings than we have ever done before.  Hey, hey, don't go away. Listen to me.

So, not only do we skim through, it turns out fanatics go one step more and automatically forward the discussions even when it speaks against their own interests.  I don't think they forward it because they want their audience to get a balanced opinion, but it is sheer laziness.

Earlier this morning, I blogged about Narendra Modi.  Not to praise the saffron robed bachelor, but otherwise.  Not the first time I am critiquing Modi in my blog either.

Blogger automatically tweets the title of my posts, along with hashtags for the labels.  That tweet of my post got re-tweeted:
The re-tweets are by "Proud Hindu" and "Arya Hindu."  Their Twitter names make clear what their intentions are, right?

It is bizarre that the old British Raj is transforming into some kind nationalism based on religious fanaticism.
  • Pakistan: you need me to explain this, really?
  • Sri Lanka: still recovering
  • Burma: Buddhist monks are leading the battle to drive out the Muslims.  Yes, Buddhist monks!  Their leader's pet name?  The Buddhist bin Laden!
  • When it seemed like India had recovered from the Khalistan struggles, the BJP rose up just in time
How did India get here?  From the Mahatma to NaMo?

Twitter makes it easier for all the below-the-belt discussions. Well, no discussions really. It is all flame-throwing.  And jingoism.  Like the tweet below:

Seriously? Om Namo Narendra Modi?

Even their own gods cannot save these morons!


Ramesh said...

Do you need any further evidence that Twitter is solely for the seriously intellectually challenged ????

Sriram Khé said...

Ahem ... I use Twitter ;)

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