Monday, May 14, 2012

The highly indebted students, er, generation!

It is nauseatingly gross when a highly seasoned higher education administrator says the following:
“I readily admit it,” said E. Gordon Gee, the president of Ohio State University, who has also served as president of Vanderbilt and Brown, among others. “I didn’t think a lot about costs. I do not think we have given significant thought to the impact of college costs on families.”
Yep, for years he and practically all the administrators and faculty at colleges and universities never gave any significant thought to how much the cost increases might affect students and their families.  They decided that the goose was laying golden eggs in the form of higher salaries, and went after all the possible geese and eggs.  How awful!

As I look back at my own writings, in September 1999, I authored an op-ed in The Bakersfield Californian,  in which I worried that we were fixated on dropout rates in high schools, all because of the preoccupation with college and, in the process, were not paying attention to career and technical education--vocational training.  Since then, I have been all the more been only drowned out by the louder and louder voices in favor of college for all, even as the mismatch between the revenues and expenditures of governments worsened, resulting in fewer dollar allocations for higher education that, in turn, resulted in higher fees for students.  And now it is a trillion dollar problem we are forced to recognize.  Meanwhile, Mr. Gee has been collecting salaries and benefits in the millions every year, and coaches even out-earn him

"The Indentured Servant Generation" as Matt Yglesias noted a while ago!

Crap; not a good way to start a Monday morning :(

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