Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hitler in Chennai's Pondy Bazaar :(

If only I had the camera with me!

Back in the USA, I didn't pack my nail cutter--damn the TSA for messing me up!  And so I ventured out for a casual walk up to Pondy Bazaar, confident that I will have plenty to choose from.

So, there I was slowly walking, trying to simultaneously look at the storefronts and the path ahead of me.

I noticed a small book stall.  I have this Pavlovian reaction when I see books: I have to scan the titles.  Especially at small stalls on the pavement.

And, there in that stall it was: Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.

It was a jolt to see Hitler's book on display.

But, I was equally delighted that India is free enough a country that such a book can be sold openly.

Now completely under the spell of curiosity, I stopped to take a look at other titles next to it.

I don't think the book stall owner had any editorial message in how he had organized the display, but it was quite creepy that on one side of Mein Kampf was some book by Rajneesh (Osho) with a portrait oh his on the cover.  And on the other was Nandan Nilekani's Imagining India.

Anyway, lesson learnt: my camera is my American Express card and I should never leave home without it!

Oh, yeah, I got myself a nail cutter.  I asked the guy if it is a good one.

"Yes, sir.  Good brand. From Korea."

Thankfully, it is not from North Korea :)

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