Tuesday, December 06, 2011

(Mis)spellings and (embarrassing) humor. The awful English language

One small error, as the finger slipped over one key on to another, and what a difference it makes!

All I wanted to ask a friend was "may I bug you for a sec?"

Now, take a look at the keyboard, if you cannot immediately visualize the layout.  Notice the letters adjacent to "c."

If a finger were to miss the "c" and were to end up on one of the keys in that neighborhood, the possible words, in place of "sec," are:
Yep, of all the typos, it was "sex" and the chat message became "may I bug you for a sex?"

Such situations are nearly cliched jokes in sitcoms and movies, but are terribly embarrassing in real life.  The only way out is to recognize the error, LOL, and move on.

Or, blog about it also!  A public confession!

Speaking of "public" ... Reminds me of my days in school in India, when we got to learn about human anatomy in the biology class.

True to my nerdy nature, there I was scanning through the biology textbook chapters in order to get a feel for the topics yet to be discussed in class, when I could have been doing so many other things.  I was stumped; I simply could not fathom why they had to name the hair around the, ahem, private parts as "public hair."

For days on, I chuckled about what I thought was one hilarious joke concocted by biologists with a sense of humor.

And then, one day, it struck me--there was no "l" in the spelling.  It was not "public" after all and the joke was on me!

After that discovery, I became terribly self-conscious when I had to use the word "public" because I became painfully aware of what the word might mean if I were to miss the "l" in spelling it.

Now, I will have to worry about "sec."

Damn the English language, eh!

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