Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ok, one more on Facebook :)

I am sure Tunku Varadarajan read this piece in the NY Times as well ... about how people use FB to vent, particularly those in relationships! :)
Whether through nagging wall posts or antagonistic changes to their “relationship status,” the social networking site is proving to be as good for broadcasting marital discord as it is for sharing vacation photos. At 400 million members and growing, Facebook might just replace restaurants as the go-to place for couples to cause a scene.
As score-settling on Facebook has grown commonplace, sites like Lamebook have begun documenting the worst spats (which also happen to be the most humorous). On Facebook itself, people can join several groups with names like “I Dislike People/Couples Who Argue Publicly on Facebook.”
For most couples, the temptation to publicly slander each other is overpowered by the instinct to prove to their friends how happy they are, reality notwithstanding. But for others, arguing in front of others comes as naturally as slamming doors.
Wait a minute; Lamebook? The name itself is hilarious!!! I got distracted while reading that in the NY Times and checked Lamebook, where I found this neat little joke:
Why was Saddam Hussein afraid to have sex with a girl?  Because when he opens her he will see Bush
Aah, the future is just about beginning to unfold .... can't wait for the next exciting development.  The ultimate will be pizza delivery right there on the Web :)

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