Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Bomb, bomb bomb. Bomb, bomb, Iran!

Today is when the star of the trump reality show will announce his decision after teasing the viewers with "will he?" questions.  Recall how the star announced his decision on the Supreme Court nomination, or about pulling out of the Paris Accord?  It is all about the ratings, the substance be damned!

It will be a huge surprise, an awesome twist, if the star announces that the US is committed to the Iran deal.  That will be an unexpected plot twist, immensely more head-turning than JR returning to Dallas!

In all this drama, which is a complete contrast to the years of no-drama-Obama, let us not forget one fundamental aspect: Most Republicans have always hated working with the Iranian government.  The Republicans have no qualms working with our frenemies, especially Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.  But, Iran they hate.  It is simply that trump states everything in crude terms what seasoned Republican politicians say in polite language.

Consider, for instance, Mitt Romney.  He toadied up to trump by sharing frog legs for dinner, in the casting call for the role of Secretary of State.  Romney (like most GOP politicians) thought he could go about executing his preferred policies as trump clowned around in the White House.  trump tossed him away like a used condom. Remember that?

Romney's immigration policies are no different from the ones that are being implemented by the trump administration hand-in-glove with the GOP Congress.  This is a man who as a candidate asked the undocumented to self-deport.  As a candidate, he trashed the economically unfortunate as takers, and wanted to shred the safety net--exactly what is being done now, under the fearless leadership of his running-mate, Paul Ryan.

So, later today when trump announces that the US is nuking the Iran deal (yes, pun intended!) expect most of the Republicans to applaud him.  His rock-solid base will enthusiastically back him, and might even claim that this is exactly what Jesus would have done.  If chaos and wars increase, then the chances of the second coming increase, right?

The title of this post?  That's what the "elder statesman" John McCain sang back when he was the GOP candidate for the presidency.  Don't ever be fooled by these maniacs!  Apparently McCain's dying wish is that trump should not attend his funeral.  Strange politics!

But, seriously, won't it be one hell of a plot twist if trump announces his commitment to the Iran Deal? ;)

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