Sunday, April 23, 2017

Buy American, Hire American. ‘Oh, never mind’

The guy finally wrapped up his "work" and travel, and returned to blogging.  He has a lot to catch up on and in a hurry!  He resumed his blogging with his comments on the cheeto's executive order.
The problem of disappearing jobs is a real and serious one, but there are no easy fixes. It cannot be tackled by trumpeting economic nationalism. It certainly cannot be solved by sitting on the toilet seat and tweeting whatever comes to your mind.
If even he gets so sarcastic about this orange monster's "unpresidented" politics, ahem, allow me to let loose some choice words about trump! ;)

Unfortunately, cheeto and his base do not work with logic and evidence.  They just wanted to take their country back, and are now orgasmic about having done that.  But, the rest of us work and critique with logic and evidence.  Which is why, for instance, Adam Davidson's commentary notes this:
The products we buy are made of raw materials transformed into intermediate goods that are then assembled into a finished product. It’s not possible, or even advisable, to insure that an entire production chain will occur in one country. So a politician who wants to increase the percentage of American-made content in the products that are sold here needs to dig deeper. How will the U.S.-made content of a good be defined? Will it be by weight, by dollar value, by labor hours involved? Each metric would have different findings. 
Or, trump and his 63 million minions can simply read the classic "I, Pencil" essay that I require my intro class students to read.  Hey, if reading is a pain for the tweeter-in-chief, then he can watch this animated version before grabbing pussies!

Davidson concludes:
There is a real problem in the American economy. For much of the twentieth century, there was a wind at the back of working people—a steady increase in jobs, wages, and opportunity for those with basic education and a willingness to put in a hard day’s work. We have shifted from the era of good work for many to the age of the hustle, where those with luck, good connections, education, and ambition can do far better than their grandparents could have dreamt, while those without see their incomes stagnate or fall and face a future filled with doubt. A sober and serious look at the U.S. economy leads, inevitably, to the conclusion that we haven’t cracked this problem yet. In place of serious consideration from the White House, we have absurdist, self-contradicting theatrics.
Self-contradicting theatrics is also a wrong way to look at this presidency.  I agree with George Will's commentary:
Donald Trump’s “Oh, never mind” presidency was produced by voters stung by the contempt they detected directed toward them by the upper crust. Their insurrection has been rewarded by Trump’s swift shedding of campaign commitments, a repudiation so comprehensive and cavalier that he disdains disguising his disdain for his gulled supporters.
Yep, as for this latest executive order is concerned, trump knows that it will not do a damn thing.  But, oh, never mind!  What a fucking shithead that the 63 million chose as their fuhrer!

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