Thursday, April 06, 2017

An earthy life in a big city

I could see the Charles River from my room on the 28th floor of the hotel.  Yet, for two days I simply did not have the time to go say to the river.

As with most things in life, I knew I had to create time for it if it really mattered that much to me.  Often, we fail to do that; we "waste" our time on other things and then complain about not having the time to do what really would like to do.  We are one crazy bunch of species!

So, off I went towards the river on a cold and cloudy afternoon.

Maybe it was because of the growing up experiences in grandmothers' villages that I seek such comfort watching a river flow by.  Back when I was young, those rivers had water, and in plenty.  The last time I was there in that part of the old country, the rivers were barely trickles.

I walked along the banks of the river.  Despite the cold, there were joggers in plenty.  Almost all of them were women, which makes me wonder and worry yet again about the future of men.  And, of course, there were small sailboats and rowing teams practicing.

Living such a life, and experiencing such a life, how could I possibly complain about my life?

It was time to return to the world of work.  I decided to have an early dinner and then attend the evening session.  But, where to eat?

I took a chance and walked into a eating place with a name that I had never seen before: Sweetgreen.  Travel has always included experiences of new foods--even within my preferred vegetarian lifestyle.  I ordered a "spicy sabzi" and sat down with a glass of house-made cucumber/ginger/lemon juice (no sugar added.)

Hippie food has gone mainstream!

The hippies have won the (food) culture war:
Vegetarianism and veganism are on the rise; and kale, the bacon of the clean-eating moment, is now routinely heaped on salad plates across the land.
The hippies may not have won the election, but they are winning the plate. (Or rather, the bowl.)

A few days ago, when I ordered the featured kale-salad, my daughter said, "I knew you would order that!"  It is not the old-stereotype of hippies and their drug-culture.  The new and enlightened hippies are a new breed that is focused on a healthy body and mind.
“You’re not just selling food,” ... “You’re giving the promise of a healthier life, or a more enlightened meal.”
The river. The food. And then the talk.  It was a good day.


Ramesh said...

You, a hippie ??? That's a strange thought . Especially when you consider the hair style :):):)

That restaurant sure sounds like a "hippie" restaurant !

Sriram Khé said...

"Especially when you consider the hair style"
That was precisely my point--these modern practices that are based on the older hippie ideas do not have the images that immediately flash in our minds. The customers at the store were mostly young men and women. Not one of them in anything like hippie clothes. The workers were all young men and women, and not one looking like the stereotypical hippie. Yet, the food there is classic hippie stuff.
Hippies, like artists, are avant-garde. Think about the other hippie thing that is now going mainstream big-time: marijuana!

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