Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Remember Aylan Kurdi?

Remember this from nearly a year ago?

Who the fuck cares, right?  I mean, given the more important and urgent issues like how a man's fingers tell us about the size of his penis!  Especially when that was a Muslim male child, who would have only grown up to be a terrorist, right?  We are seriously fucked up in our understanding of what it means to be human! :(

That kid had a name.  Aylan Kurdi.  He had a family who loved and cherished him.  His father, who managed to survive, remembers and laments:
Aylan Kurdi's father has said his son and family "died for nothing" after a string of boat disasters in the Mediterranean that have put 2016 on course to be the deadliest ever year for refugees.
The father continues:
“Refugee children continue to drown every day, the war in Syria has not stopped,” he told Italy's La Repubblica newspaper.
“I see countries who build walls and others that do not want to accept us. My Aylan died for nothing, little has changed.”
I never would have imagined that I would live through a time when the entire world simply stood and watched a humanitarian disaster unfold before our eyes--in real time, thanks to the global electronic coverage.  It is depressing to think about how we simply do not care a shit about this tragedy.

You think yet another photograph of yet another dead child will make any damn difference?


We won't care about the death of this child, too.  We will run marathons, watch ball games, and spend gazillions on entertainment of every possible kind.  Hey, it is a free market where people exercise their preferences.  Our preferences clearly reveal that we don't care a shit when people struggle for their very existence.  Especially the brown people.
The unidentified child died in one of the three big tragedies involving migrant boats last week that left more than 700 people dead, coinciding with an increasing number of people who are attempting the perilous crossing to Europe as the weather improves.
It will be a long summer of tragedies.  Yawn!


Ramesh said...

Very very sad. The underlying root cause - the war in Syria is one of the big tragedies of this time. What is each party there fighting for ? How can everybody be so heartless ?

Spare a thought for those displaced but not migrating. Those who migrate are the relatively well off ; for they have to pay a fortune to the people smugglers. The poor stay back and die, or languish in Lebanon or Jordan. Very very sad.

The people smugglers, who profit from people's misery are worse than vermin. They are worth exterminating.

Misha said...

It is very upsetting that people across the world are dying due to poverty, starvation, sicknesses, wars, and no one cares. Yet, if a Hollywood celebrity dies, thousands of people flip out and light up candles, post it all over Facebook, write news articles, cry... There are more important issues than celebrities.


Sriram Khé said...

"There are more important issues than celebrities"??? Are you kidding me? Come on; there simply cannot be anything more important than the celebrities and their bowel movement problems! What alien planet are you from, Misha? ;)

Yes, the world is full of problems, many that are simply beyond my wildest imaginations. Like the extortionist human smugglers who suck the few remaining money from the fleeing refugees only to squeeze them into boats that capsize and drown them all ... when I read such news reports, I wish I were not an atheist because then I can at least curse them to hell!!!

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