Monday, March 14, 2016

Are you not entertained?

Yesterday, the Statesman Journal, to which Anne who has become a frequent commenter/debater here is a subscriber, published an op-ed of mine.  In that, I argued how the minimum wage increase will affect the public higher education budget and how, as a result, universities will  chop down education in order to ensure that the highest priority suffers no consequence.  And that highest priority is?  Athletics, of course!
That op-ed will further ensure that the administration and the faculty union alike will not like to listen to me at all.  I can easily imagine that their "disdain" for my "input and perspectives" will only increase ;)  When it comes to abusing the taxpayer and student monies, the faculty and administration that otherwise are at loggerheads will come together and have quite a party, and will even shamelessly ask for more money!  

Today, the Register Guard published the op-ed essay that I had sent them quite a few days ago.  Drumpf has been sucking the airwaves and the op-ed space too ;)  I suspected as much, which is why I blogged that essay here almost a month back.
Read 'em and weep, as we say here ;)

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