Monday, March 14, 2016

Are you not entertained?

Yesterday, the Statesman Journal, to which Anne who has become a frequent commenter/debater here is a subscriber, published an op-ed of mine.  In that, I argued how the minimum wage increase will affect the public higher education budget and how, as a result, universities will  chop down education in order to ensure that the highest priority suffers no consequence.  And that highest priority is?  Athletics, of course!
That op-ed will further ensure that the administration and the faculty union alike will not like to listen to me at all.  I can easily imagine that their "disdain" for my "input and perspectives" will only increase ;)  When it comes to abusing the taxpayer and student monies, the faculty and administration that otherwise are at loggerheads will come together and have quite a party, and will even shamelessly ask for more money!  

Today, the Register Guard published the op-ed essay that I had sent them quite a few days ago.  Drumpf has been sucking the airwaves and the op-ed space too ;)  I suspected as much, which is why I blogged that essay here almost a month back.
Read 'em and weep, as we say here ;)


Anne in Salem said...

The income tax increase is a misinformed (possibly) good intention. The politicians did not consult with businesses, nor did they think through the consequences. I am not entertained, nor will I be when I have to increase the wages of 750 employees on 1 July. I am not entertained in the least.

Sriram Khé said...

hey, the "entertained" was regarding sports in higher education.
But, I suppose you could also think about "entertained" by the political theatre ...

BTW, the big news out of my campus is that the university's basketball team (men) are moving on to the final eight in the NCAA Division II. Meanwhile, the CA university where I was before used to be Div II champs and then they moved on to the top tier and this year they have made it to the March Madness. Locally, the Ducks' coach could earn more than half a million dollar bonus ... As for academic stuff, well, who cares as long as we have sports champions, right?

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