Friday, February 05, 2016

Somewhere over the rainbow ...

A late night email from a co-worker was unprofessional.  But, after years in academe, I am no longer surprised.  In fact, being polite and courteous, and sincerely engaging, are the kinds of behavior that will shock me--apparently, I am rarely ever shocked anymore ;)

The morning came and soon it was time to drive to campus.

It was one of those rainy days when every once in a while the sun tried to peek out from behind the clouds, but failed and then it rained for a while.  As is almost the case, I drove in silence enjoying the scenery.
The gazillion shades of green that I never knew existed until I moved to Oregon.
The rolling grass fields.
How people could possibly be rude and unprofessional in such settings is simply beyond my wildest imagination!

I noticed the truck ahead in the slow lane indicating to move to the faster lane in which I was approaching.  I slowed down. After seeming to confirm that I had indeed fallen behind, the truck moved over to my lane and as it passed the slow vehicle, the driver flashed his tail-lights in the truck-driving-fashion to thank me.  Here was a truck driver being polite and thankful on the road, while he could have simply gone on.  What  a contrast to the email the night before!

I passed the truck.  Slowly, the northwest sky darkened.  The sun tried to peek from the other direction.  And it started raining.  In a matter of seconds, a huge rainbow appeared on the horizon.  The cosmos was reminding me that life is immensely more than awful emails late in the night.  I was near ecstatic.

After having freshly-brewed coffee in my office, I walked over to the copy room and got my work done.  I hoped that the students would enjoy the task that I had prepared for them.  As I was walking away from the copier, the late night emailer was walking to the machine.

"I'm sorry that I jumped all over you."

I couldn't care.  "I'm used to it by now" I replied as I continued to walk.

I suppose saying "sorry" has become far easier than to behave properly in the first place.  Such is life--it is not always rainbows and green grass and hawks and horses and sheep and drivers saying thanks.  But, I know better:
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world


Anne in Salem said...

I was late for an appointment Tuesday after work because I stopped to admire a triple rainbow and call my daughter to admire it as well. Yes, the beauty of Oregon can make up for many aspects of bad days.

Saying sorry after the fact is easier than preventing the offense through thoughtful consideration. There is a reason we are taught to count to ten before speaking or acting. I suppose it is a corollary to "It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission."

Good sunrises yesterday and today. Gonna be a good day.

Ramesh said...

I am very puzzled by your post. You mention a rainbow , but as far as I know, you need a sun to have a rainbow. I was under the impression that the aforementioned celestial body did not normally make an appearance in the great state of Oregon :):)

I also did not know that horses and hawks could be green. Obviously the normal scheme of things that exist everywhere else in the world does not apply to your country. That isn't anything new anyway :):)

And then you hoped that your students would "enjoy" the task that you had prepared for them. What were you smoking ???

I shall puzzle over this all of my Sunday. Ha Ha

Anne in Salem said...

Welcome back, Ramesh.

Sriram Khé said...

Yes, the awesomeness of Oregon ... some of us get to enjoy it, while a few mock from afar ;)

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