Thursday, February 25, 2016

"He must be stopped." But, how? By whom?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this post is equivalent to a weighty tome ;)

Think of this post as a graphic-novel approach (of course, the graphics are not my creations.  The cartoons are via the Statesman Journal, and the cover image is, ahem, from the Economist.)

Finally, in case the video that I have embedded below does not work, then follow the link from here for Lewis Black's awesome prediction of Trump as a much needed, and well qualified, third world dictator for the US--a prediction from 2011 ;)


Anne in Salem said...

So will the endorsement of the leader of the KKK hurt him or help him? When will people come to their senses?? This is going on way too long.

Sriram Khé said...

Has anything hurt Trump so far? ;)

Hey, your party's people--the base as well as the leaders--created this Trump monster ... unfortunately, it is not merely the GOP's problem now :(

Ramesh said...

No No; you can't dismiss the Donald so casually.

He's winning big in the primaries. Which essentially means that he has support from more than nutcases. And you can't say the GOP created this "monster". That would be true if it was Ted Cruz who was winning. But Trump isn't mouthing Tea Party lines. He is in a category of his own. And if so many people are willing to back him, it begs some serious navel gazing into what America has become.

Whether he goes on anywhere from here or not, he has shattered the image of the type of society America is. Very very sad.

Sriram Khé said...

Oh yes, the GOP created this monster.
Throughout the Obama years, Trump was the lead "birther" who loudly and repeatedly went after that issue and even boasted spending his own money to hire investigators in Hawaii, remember? The GOP leaders made sure they encouraged it by merely being silent, because--as McConnell openly stated--the GOP's only agenda was to defeat Obama and his policies.
Fast forward to a year ago when all the election posturing began. Trump started mouthing one ugly thing after another and most GOP "leaders" stayed quiet because they thought this will be a nice little attack dog to have.

The GOP is fucked up, which is what now people like Lindsay Graham are worried about. But, those worries are too late after all their fucking up for short term political gains.

Yes, this GOP primary has revealed all the ugliness of America. In a way, I am happy that the ugliness, which many of us have been talking about, has been exposed instead of it being hidden away in the dark corners.

Sriram Khé said...

And more ... Chris Christie endorses the Donald.
It is significant not because Christie is wildly influential but because "His endorsement signifies that Donald Trump is becoming an acceptable risk to the GOP establishment."

A few days ago, before the SC/NV events I think, I told the friend that the Donald becoming the prez is a high probability if he gets the GOP nod. My logic is this way:
if it becomes Trump v. Sanders, I can easily imagine Americans spooked by "socialism" and voting for Trump
if it becomes Trump v. Clinton, I can easily imagine Americans hating Clinton enough to vote for Trump

The question after that will be how much worse, or better, will he be compared with the disastrous "W" ;)
The only good thing is that the Bush name will not come up for a long, long, long time ...

Ramesh said...

Enemy's enemy is my friend. Shame on Christie. Amazing how far he has fallen in the last couple of years.

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