Saturday, October 03, 2015

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From the source:
Row 1, left to right: Jason Dale Johnson; Kim Saltmarsh Dietz (right); Lawrence Levine
Row 2, left to right: Lucas Eibel (far right); Lucero Alcaraz (center); Quinn Glen Cooper
Row 3: left to right: Rebecka Ann Carnes; Sarena Dawn Moore; Treven Taylor Anspach

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office released the names of the nine victims who died:
●Lucero Alcaraz, 19, of Roseburg‬
●Quinn Glen Cooper, 18, of Roseburg
●Kim Saltmarsh Dietz, 59, of Roseburg
●Lucas Eibel, 18, of Roseburg
●Jason Dale Johnson, 33, of Winston‬
●Lawrence Levine, 67, of ‪‎Glide‬, a teacher
●Sarena Dawn Moore, 44, of ‪‎Myrtle Creek‬
●Treven Taylor Anspach, 20, of Sutherlin‬
●Rebecka Ann Carnes, 18, of Myrtle Creek

The victims were as young as 18 :(  What an awful, awful tragedy!

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