Saturday, February 18, 2012

When Krishna met Daniel ... Only in India :)

Even the street names lend to interesting experiences, here in India. 

In Chennai, I was walking around off the main streets, and I took a chance on a side street.  The board said it was "Krishna Street" and it looked like it was one of those dead-ends.  I walked it anyway, and it turned out that it was an "L" intersection and "Krishna Street" turned into "Daniel Street."

How fascinating, right?  Krishna becomes Daniel or, if you prefer, Daniel becomes Krishna.

Both were short streets, and Daniel ended up in a road that seemed a tad bigger.  I hoped that this would have an Islamic name to make it a holy trifecta.  But, that was not to be.  It was called "Arcot Road."  Well, I can imagine, even if incorrectly, that it refers to the Nawab of Arcot and, therefore, it has a Muslim connection :)

As I turned that corner, I paused to observe a woman learning to manage a scooter, with her husband in the back.  What was even more interesting was that they were all smiles. 

Yes, both were smiling, when the typical story is that a husband teaching a wife how to drive always ends up in a fight!

Maybe both Krishna and Daniel worked their miracles on this couple, eh :)

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