Thursday, February 16, 2012

The US invented the GPS, but it needs a better one now :(

Andy Borowitz tweets this:
Invaded Afghanistan and bin Laden was in Pakistan. Invaded Iraq and WMD are in Iran. US needs better GPS.
Too damn funny, and too damn awfully sad a commentary on two wars that have sucked blood and money all around.

I thought maybe I should check with Glenn Greenwald on the Iran war drum beating back in the US.  Bad idea; he writes that the US media are way ahead of the government itself in leading the "bomb, bomb, Iran" chant :(
It’s just remarkable to watch the American media depict Iran as the threatening, aggressive party here. Literally on a daily basis, political and media figures in both the U.S. and Israel openly threaten to attack Iran and debate how the attack should happen with a casualness that most people use to contemplate what to have for lunch. The U.S. has orchestrated devastating and always-escalating sanctions which, by design, are wrecking the Iranian economy, collapsing its currency, and generating serious hardship for its 75 million citizens. The U.S. military has that country almost completely encircled. The U.S. military behemoth, and Israel’s massive nuclear stockpile and sophisticated weaponry, make the Iranian military by comparison look almost as laughable as Saddam’s. Iran’s scientists have been serially murdered on its own soil, their facilities bombarded with sophisticated cyber attacks, and dissident groups devoted to the overthrow of their government (ones even the U.S. designates as Terrorists) have been armed, trained and funded by Israel while leading American politicians openly shill for them in exchange for substantial payments.
Yet the Manichean narrative driving this NBC report is par for the media course: Iran’s aggression must be contained, and it is leaving the U.S. and Israel with no choice but to pre-emptively attack it.


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