Friday, January 20, 2012

A Neyveli artist in Chennai's Besant Nagar. No, it is not me!

In a corner of the day's supplemental pages of the newspaper that dad buys daily, I saw a note about an arts exhibit.  For three days. Across from the beach.

Always looking out for activities like this, I was excited enough to decide that I would go there the first day itself!

It was a great call.

The address said "1, Elliots Beach Road."  I hailed an auto.  After winding through a few side-streets after a long ride, I suddenly heard the driver ask me for the address.

"Number 1" I replied.  And added, "is this Elliots Beach Road?"

"No, sir, Elliots Beach Road is after I make this right turn."

He turned and I could see the beach on the left.  I looked to the right, and there it was: a huge banner that said "Paalam."

"Right here" I told the auto driver, and paid.

It was much smaller than what I had anticipated.  But, it was a wonderful setting.

Across from the beach.  Under some gorgeous trees.  With an arty and small amphitheater.

Way cool.  It didn't matter that I am severely art-challenged!

I checked at the reception desk whether it would be ok for me to take photos.  No problems.

I scanned the inner set of art work, near the amphitheater:

As I stood there trying to make sense of this surreal experience of art in Chennai, by the beach, on a glorious afternoon, a guy came up to me with a tray of paper cups full of tea. 

"Some tea?" he asked.

"No, thanks."

I walked around, and stood under another tree:

Artists certainly seem to know how to hang out in some awesome places.  The conferences I go to are held in climate-controlled semi-dark rooms where people talk while pointing at crappy PowerPoint slides!

I retraced me path, and was delighted to see a flapping paper that had the artist's name and hometown: he was from Neyveli.  Yay!!!

I couldn't locate the artist. But, I was not too keen on inquiring either. 

I figured it was time to visit the beach.  In one section, I spotted a lone man sitting facing the waters. I imagined that he was the artist from Neyveli and that is why he was not to be found in the art exhibit.

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