Thursday, January 05, 2012

Notes from the reunion: I got punched in the face, about 32 years ago :)

I wish "R" were there at the reunion--we could have then shared a laugh over how his brother, "S," punched me :)

Picture this--the annual school day event at the auditorium.  Must have been in Class IX.  I think it was IX because that was about the time I had started feeling proud of my attempts at shaving the facial hair that would just not grow fast enough for me!

Anyway, it was the annual school day event--the one in which I always looked forward to the singers sing "we bring a welcome to you ...." 

(Towards the end of the first term as a graduate student, I found myself humming along to Notre Dame's fight song.  I was supposed to boo them, as a loyal Trojan.  Which is when I realized that the school day welcome song tune was the same as the Fighting Irish's.  Somebody from our school was familiar with the ND tune and copied it?) 

Anyway, bloody crowded the hall was. In the row in front of me was a group of boisterous juniors.  One of those juniors was "S," the younger brother of our classmate "R." 

Is the set up clear enough?

All of a sudden, "S" gets angry at me.  I have no idea what I did to make him angry.  And after a very short verbal exchange--perhaps nothing more than a couple of words back and forth--well, his fist came fast towards my face. 

I ducked, but his fist caught my upper lip--more like the gap between my nose and my upper lip.  I had a minor cut which bled as well ...

That was in the evening and later at night I managed to get to my bed without anybody at home noticing this blood/cut.

The following morning, however, was a different story.  I couldn't hide it. 

But, I was saved before I could even cook up anything. 

Dad said, "is that from shaving?"

Of course, I said yes. 

"Make sure you use a new blade the next time" was his response.

Given my dull and boring and uneventful track record, I am sure it would never have crossed my parents' minds that I got punched in my face!  Track record, people, track record :)

Even now, there is that small little real estate under my nose where hair doesn't grow.

Years later, in my second year at Coimbatore, I came to know that "R" was at another engineering college in town.  I went there one afternoon.  "R" had changed, and was not the same guy he was four years prior, which was the last time I had seen him.  He was bigger and stronger, and a lot quieter.  I didn't ever talk to him about his brother though :)

I wish I could recall the reason(s) why "S" took a swing at me ... I am sure I must have done something to provoke them.  Maybe I will remember it another day .... I hope so.  That will complete the story, eh!

"R" is back in our group--in cyberspace.  Will be fun to laugh with him, and his brother, about this in the real world.

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