Thursday, March 29, 2018

Only Norwegians need apply!

Jamelle Bouie does a wonderful job presenting Mitt Romney for who he is:
Romney’s history on immigration is one reason why we should not treat Trump as an aberration from the Republican Party but the outgrowth—and perhaps the apotheosis—of forces that have driven Republican politics for at least a decade. Romney’s hostility to illegal immigration helped him win the Republican nomination. What’s more, he gave tacit approval to Donald Trump’s birtherism, even welcoming his endorsement in 2012. After he lost, Romney attributed Obama’s re-election to a promise of “gifts” to black people, women, and the “children of illegals.”
Romney holds sincere, conservative views on immigration, but he also helped give rise to the divisive politics that he now criticizes in Trump. Romney indulged the worst impulses of the Republican base, feeding it an appetizer of racial resentment and leaving it hungry for someone who could offer a feast.         
Which is why despite all his anti-trump stand during the primaries, Romney eagerly went to dine some fine frog legs with the very guy who trolled about him choking at the elections!

The scumbag in the Oval Office and his 63 million voters have made clear what they think of immigrants, especially the brown-skinned from shithole countries.  So, we will leave them alone and look at what trump's counterpart on the other side--Bernie Sanders--has said.  That should be interesting, right?

Here, Sanders is railing against immigrants in 2007.  Note that he is not merely against those who came here without documentation. Sanders was angry at the guest workers who come here legally!  Make sure you wait until you hear him rant about the millions who will come here and lower the wages for middle-class Americans!

In 2013, he calmly and forcefully asked whether it is really true that we can't find American workers to do the jobs that immigrant workers are doing.

I tell ya, Sanders was not that different from trump in his populism.  There is a huge difference between the two though--Sanders is a decent human being, whereas trump is the lowliest scumbag in public life.

The US has never honestly figured out how it should deal with immigration--legal and otherwise.  Instead of honest conversations and policy, politicians treat the topic as an opportunity for votes, depending on which way the wind blows.  Perhaps the best evidence for this is from the Republican debate in 1980, between the two candidates in the primaries--Reagan and Bush.

This is not a topic that comes up in most other countries.  After all, how many countries have even been open to immigration?  The US, more than say Canada or Australia, has always been a land of immigrants.  With the exception of Native Americans, we are all--including the damn politicians--immigrants or descendants of immigrants.  Yet, the country can't seem to figure out what to do with immigration?  "Sad!" as the scumbag often notes in his tweets!