Saturday, November 05, 2016

The First Amendment in Life

"Boy is it wet outside!  It has been a wet month," I said.

This was a few days ago at my local grocery store.  I placed my items for the cashier to, as we said in the old days, ring me up.

It was chit-chat time.  She was new, which is the story these days--I rarely see my familiar cashiers.  I suppose the familiar faces fading away and newer people coming in is by itself a statement on life.

"I suspect this is going to be a wet year," she replied.  It already has been.  Nearly record-breaking at that.

"Oh well ... we can't do anything about that anyway" I chimed in.

She paused.
She looked up.
With an air of defiance, she said, "I have my right to complain about the weather."

We both laughed.

We do complain a whole lot about all kinds of things.  Maybe we ought to rewrite René Descartes's famous statement to "I complain, therefore I am."

Were we humans always complainers?  Did cavemen gesticulate their complaints even before humans invented a language to communicate?  Was it an early caveman who was the first to record a one-finger-salute?  Are we homo complainers?

I am ready with one of my favorite complaints--the stupid, stupid, stupid, daylight savings time.  It ends this weekend and we will return to regular, standard time.  But, this "standard" time is only from November through mid-March, for some measly four months and a few days.  So, if daylight savings time is for nearly eight out of the twelve months, then shouldn't that be the standard time, and from November through March the non-standard one?

Why do we have this stupid, stupid, stupid system?  One word: Business.  Yep, it is all because of the powerful business lobby, which does not care about the non-dollar effects.

Oh well.  I reserve my right to complain about this time change nonsense.  It is there in the Bill of Rights.  If not, well, this caveman reserves the right to use his middle finger ;)


Ramesh said...

Oh Please. Stop raving about business lobby and DST. You will be bracketed along with Bernie Sanders :)

I am guffawing helplessly with laughter at two blue blooded Oregonians complaining about it being wet :):)


Sriram Khé said...

read up any of the reports (like this one: and you will see that it is all about the $$$. It is atrocious.

Anne in Salem said...

I like that it is not as dark when I wake now versus last week. It's hard enough getting up without it being pitch black. Of course, now I can't work outside after work. Toss up. Guess I'll just stay inside and turn on all the lights.

We are entitled to complain about the rain when it is flooding our streets and making a mess of anything resembling a field or a yard. I know - nothing compared to India's natural disasters in the last year, but destructive to agriculture and construction for sure.

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