Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How fucked are we!

A couple of months ago, Nicholas Kristof wrote about a mother/daughter in Aleppo.  After reading that, I took his suggestion and started following them on Twitter.  It has been nothing but tragedies after tragedies. It was surreal to look at photos and videos.  Of bombs falling. Of dead people.  Dead children.  All via their tweets.  In one, the daughter--all of seven years old--noted that her friend died in the bombing. I have no idea how a seven year old deals with the death of her seven year old friend :(

As the Syrian army entered Aleppo, the tweets showed the panic, which culminated with this:
A day later:
And then a few hours ago:
For now, at least 12 hours ago, they were alive.

As bombs were falling and making the mother/daughter homeless in Aleppo, the president-elect tweeted this:
When the president-elect is on a completely different war path, what can one do?  Especially in the case of Aleppo, after all the "never again" that the world has uttered over and over again?
what is missing from the international community is nothing more than the actual building blocks of a community – common values. Let’s get right to the heart of the problem. We cannot have a community unless we respect the truth and seek it out; unless we share a broadly similar definition of good and evil; unless we can discriminate between what is important and what is not; unless we are united by shared emotion; or unless we distinguish between values and interests.
In other words, we cannot have an international community unless we hold these values to be universal.
So, then?
We must also fight – and that means speaking out.
But, will the speaking out matter when the president-elect is only concerned about his own ego and he is sucking up all the oxygen in the room?
It may seem useless, but we must never stop speaking out against this. Because it is political. And because it is crucial.
Speaking up is the only action that I know.  So, I will, like with the op-ed, the maniacal Facebook posts, and the maniacal tweets.  And, hopefully sooner than later, here via an open blogging space as well.

ps: I drafted this post a few hours ago. I checked for the Aleppo mother/daughter tweets; yes, they are alive.  But, they tweet this:

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Ramesh said...

Aleppo is the saddest story of all. And this is Russia in all its glory. Indiscriminate bombing reducing that half of the city to rubble and literally exterminating the population. At least , when the US bombs places, it tries to avoid bombing civilian spots. Russia has no such scruples. They just bomb. Hitting hospitals time and again.

Speak up, by all means, but waste only a little breath on the circus in your country. Speak again and again, and loudly, for Aleppo.

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