Thursday, October 06, 2016

The F*ing British Empire

Four decades of life since the early teenage anger against the murderous thugs who (mis)ruled the old country has dampened my anger and disgust only a tad.  If I believed in hell, I could at least curse those white supremacists to the darkest chambers of hell!

My anger over the colonial white supremacists gets regularly stoked with news reports and analyses of the white supremacists empire and its actions.  Or, it will be better if I rephrased it as whatever historical records that the empire and its loyalists did not destroy.  Yep, after all the rape and plunder was done, the empire on its way out made sure to also destroy the historical records.
The Colonial Office devised a system known as “Operation Legacy” that worked on the principle of parallel registries. Reliable civil servants, which in the government’s eyes meant only those who were “British subjects of European descent”, were given charge of identifying and collecting all “sensitive” documents and passing them up the bureaucratic chain. This meant that when the moment of independence came, if not before, they could either be destroyed on site or removed (“migrated” became the official term) to the UK. As to the so-called “Legacy” files that the colony’s new government would inherit, it was important that they gave an impression of completeness, either by creating false documents to replace those that had been weeded out or by making sure there was no reference to them in the files that remained.
So, they burned the papers.  And more.
According to official instruction, the waste left by bonfires “should be reduced to ash and the ashes broken up”. If burning was thought to be too difficult or unsuitable, then the sea offered an alternative. Officials in Kenya were told that documents could be “packed in weighted crates and dumped in very deep and current-free waters at maximum practicable distance from the coast”.
We don't have to wonder why:
Operation Legacy was intended to ensure that “the British way of doing things” would be remembered with “fondness and respect” – that the conduct of its imperial retreat would be seen as exemplary.
What a sophisticated PR campaign, eh!  They plundered and raped, and then the rapists and plunderers wanted to be "remembered with “fondness and respect.""  I think I am going to puke!

Of course, it is not as if life in the old country was all wonderful before the White Supremacist Raj was established.  Far from that.  For starters, the caste system as it was practiced then--including by my ancestors--along with horrific customs like sati, made sure that life for an overwhelming majority was nasty and hellish.  But, that does not make the White Supremacist Raj any nobler.

Which is also why I worry over the possibility of young boys and men in countries around the world who could be angry at my adopted country.  I have no idea how the female mind works in these contexts, but we have rich historical evidence of angry young men causing destruction to life and property--after all, not all angry young men are also committed to nonviolence as a few of us are.  But, the presidential candidate of the party that is mostly supported only by whites seems all out to create more angry young men all around the world :(

I can't wait for the end of supremacy of any kind.

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