Wednesday, December 02, 2015

On the Chennai floods ...

Will be a while before I get back to blogging ... time and energy spent on the catastrophic rains and floods back in the old country.

A few recent news reports:

From the BBC:

From the Indian Express:

The airport has been closed until December 6th (at least?)

It isn't over yet, by any means:
The weather office in Chennai has predicted more rains in Tamil Nadu over the next 24 hours due to presence of a low pressure in Bay of Bengal. “Due to low pressure rainfall will continue in next 24 hours in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry with some places receiving heavy to very heavy rainfall,” said Regional Meteorological Department Director, S.R. Ramanan.
This satellite map alone says what is ahead for the next few days:


Anne in Salem said...

Distressing. Best wishes to all your family and friends back home. Let's hope the meteorologists are wrong and the rains end sooner.

Shachi said...

Hi Sriram, how is your family? hope all is well. if you need any kind of help on the grounds, let me know (I am tapped into a large pool of ground staff in Chennai).

I've heard some good news recently on waters receding and rains stopping for a few hours. Army/navy have also arrived. hoping the situation gets under control soon.

Sriram Khé said...

The forecasting was not wrong, after all.
It poured down ...
My parents and sister lost electricity for three days, and no phones during that stretch. But, the good thing is that the rain waters did not enter their respective buildings.
Now, the electricity is back on, but no phones.

As a public policy person, my worry is that some of the real issues will begin now--the supply of food and water. By now, the stores would have sold out whatever they had in their inventory that was not spoiled by the floods. Before the regular supply chains get fully reactivated, there is going to be temporary shortages, especially as household stocks deplete. We will hope that normalcy returns fast, before any panic develops among the public.

It appears that private efforts have kicked in, and people are not waiting for the government relief efforts. From what I read, it seems like the youth are stepping up big time, which is phenomenal.

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