Saturday, August 15, 2015

One Moment In Time

It was a lovely wedding.  The bridesmaids wore a charming shade of orangy-red, and the groomsmen were in their tuxedos.  The bride and the groom, whom I have known as students, clearly conveyed the importance of the moment.

The drive back gave me ample time to think about the students that I have come to know over the years.  Even the few who develop a relationship with me drop off after a few years.  It is all transitory.  It is all but a fleeting moment.

Which is all the more why the moments become so special.  The moment of the wedding.  The moment of the first job. The moment of the childbirth.  Life-changing moments.

But, then every mundane moment is precious too.  Some of my favorite moments include having done nothing at all.  To most people in this modern age, the moment of doing nothing is perhaps even a strange concept.

Such were the thoughts as I was driving back from the wedding.  It is never a dull moment in that balding head of mine ;)

I wondered whether it was time for me to speed up a tad and move over to the left lane in order to pass the car that was ahead of me. Perhaps that driver was even more engrossed in thoughts than I was--that vehicle was barely going at 55!

I waited for the Honda and then the Jeep to pass me and then I shifted to the left lane.  I suppose the slow driver woke up from his thoughts and started accelerating.  So, there we were, three vehicles one behind another in the fast lane.

When all of a sudden, the Jeep rushed onto the shoulder by the left lane and zoomed past the Honda that was ahead and then rejoined the left lane.  It was one of those moments when we were literally left in the dust.

Out shot the finger from the passenger side of the Honda as the driver revved up.  A road-rage fueled race was on, with the Honda trying to settle score with the Jeep.

I passed the vehicle and moved over to the slow lane.  I could see the Honda zigzagging between cars in the two lanes and finally jumping ahead of the Jeep.  After a few seconds, it was the Jeep's turn to outrace the Honda.  And then they were off my line of sight.

I cannot imagine the people in the Jeep nor the Honda understanding and appreciating the value of the moment and of the transitory nature of life.

I have a memorial service to get to.  He left behind his wife; they were married for 38 years.

Poignant moments in life.

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