Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Age of Aquarius is ... hairless?

It has been warming up--this time, it is the "normal" warming up of the summer, in contrast to the unusual and unseasonal Chennai summer in Eugene ;)

As a neighbor once commented, "the legs come out."
Skinny legs.
Muscular legs.
Fat legs.
Short legs.
Long legs.
Dark legs.
Tanned legs.
Never-seen-the-sun legs.
It is legs, legs, legs.

But, here is the strangest thing: increasingly, it seems like legs alone do not reveal the gender!  I could show you a bunch of photographs of legs and I bet you will fail more often than not when it comes to correctly identifying whether it is a man or a woman whose legs you just saw.


It comes down to hair.

Yes, hair.

Lemme explain.

You perhaps have forgotten this post from two years ago in which I scared you with a photograph of my hairy legs and the untanned feet; I haven't! ;)

Are you back after puking?  Good! ;)

I used to think that I didn't have enough hair on my legs and arms and chest and face.  I had a couple of collegemates who could have braided their leg hair; boy was I jealous of them!

But, now when I walk and observe people on the path and by the river, there seem to be as many hairless male legs as there are female ones.  The few hairy legs, it turns out, could be of men or they could belong to women--after all, this is Eugene!

Because this is America and not Europe, women don't go topless.  But men do.  And most of the men do not seem to have any chest hair either.  What's going on?  Did I delete without reading the memo that I should shave the hair off my legs and chest?

This is the age of Aquarius that we have been waiting for?! ;)

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