Monday, June 16, 2014

Thus spake the students

The term has ended.

Another academic year is over.

When grading the papers, as always, the first thing I did was to quickly scan through the last pages.  I am not being weird--students have trained me to behave this way.  It all started with a poem a long time ago.  Little did I know that the poem was one of a kind--nothing since then.

But, every once in a while, students do include a postscript, which is equally exciting for this old professor.

Like this one that was literally a postscript:
P.S. I really enjoyed your class. You kept it entertaining yet serious all at the same time.  It has shown me there is more to geography than just the location of something, it can involve economics as well.  Thank you for a good term
"entertaining yet serious all at the same time" is how I like 'em.  After all, isn't life itself one mix of entertaining and serious all at the same time?

And, hey, the student has figured out there is immensely more to geography that he would have ever imagined.  Evidence of value-added right there.

In a different class, a student included an "After Note":
I learned a lot on my own and this assignment challenged me to discover ideas for myself. ... I enjoyed doing the research on my own and felt like I learned a lot because of it.  I could keep going on about this topic and enjoyed writing about it a lot.

The season ends, but not the work. The summer break is nothing but the equivalent of baseball's spring training.  I have got to be in shape for the many, many more seasons that I hope to play.

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