Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Universities spend more on athletics than academics? Shocked, shocked :)

May I first have a chart, please?

We certainly know how to spend the precious dollars in order to educate the youth.  USA! USA! USA!

"I'm shocked, shocked" as Inspector Renault said :)

I hope even the smaller universities like mine will read such news items and correspondingly amp up their sports expenditures, and drastically scale down the emphasis on education.  What a tremendous waste it is to educate the young, especially at taxpayer expense, right, when coaches at these universities are vastly underpaid?

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Ramesh said...

Your point is very valid, but the statistics are extremely misleading. Of course the spending per athlete will be 10 times that of a student. There are probably 50 athletes and 10,000 students.

Lies, damn lines and statistics ........

But your point about students drowning in debt so that old foggies like me can watch a college football team is absolutely right !