Saturday, May 20, 2017

And yet I laugh at the Pussygrabber Presidency!

It has been only four months.

And I am already tired to my bones.
Dead tired.
Dog tired.
You get the drift.

Yes, I am referring to the four months of the Pussygrabber Presidency.


Add the two months-plus between the election and his inauguration, and it is more than six months already.
To which you add the months since he glided down the golden escalator to announce his candidacy, and it is one month short of two full years of his bullying Americans and the world.
And if you think about how he became a political force to begin with--his insane questioning of Obama's birth certificate--it has been six years of the horrible human being!

Like I said, I am tired.

I wonder how activists all across the world keep going, day after day. Or, what propelled Martin Luther King, Jr., to keep on fighting, with optimism that African-Americans would one day reached the promised land that he was able to see from the mountain top?  Or, how did Gandhi know that British bastards would leave India even though the damn white supremacists had all the gun power?

Maybe I am tired because I am a wimp. A wuss. At least when compared to those activists, big and small.



Ramesh said...

Forget about him, and vote in 2018. He'll self destruct on his own without any help and if you really go out and get the vote you can flip the House (likely) and the Senate(if you really try).

Sriram Khé said...

Not so easy, my friend. The gerrymandering that the GOP has masterfully executed, and the electoral college that the founders created as a part of the "deal," will together make it very difficult for Democrats. I don't mean to say that this is impossible. All I am saying is that the road ahead ain't easy!

Ramesh said...

Gerrymandering is a House problem, not a Senate problem. The House is very likely going to flip, despite this.

The problem is the Senate. If I were a Democrat, I would be working crazily to enroll every Hispanic and Black in the Southern states and do a massive voter turnout drive the likes of which have never been seen before. If Nevada & New Mexico can go Democrat, virtually every Southern state can if there is general dissatisfaction with Trump and the minorities vote en bloc.

Sriram Khé said...

True, flipping the Senate is critical. But, it is more likely that the Dems might end up losing a seat or two in the Senate. As 538 reports:
"Democrats hold 23 of the 33 seats up for a vote. There are 10 Democratic senators running in states that President Trump won, five of whom (Sens. Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Jon Tester of Montana) are from states that Trump won by about 20 percentage points or more. Meanwhile, there are only two Republican senators (Arizona’s Jeff Flake and Nevada’s Dean Heller) up for re-election in states Hillary Clinton came within 5 points of winning in 2016."

In addition to the vote-groups you have listed, I would add the young people votes: age 18-25.

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