Sunday, February 12, 2017

Two old men killed Lady Liberty

I remember how after the events of 9/11, the thoughts, words, and actions everywhere and every time were all related to 9/11.  It seemed like there was nothing else.

It is a similar effect now.  Everywhere I go to read anything, it is all about this current president.  I wish it were not the case.  A government and a president ought to be like how children were often referred to.  Remember that line?  Children should be seen and not heard.

Yes, the 63 million voters are to be blamed for this.  But, there is one group that I will not let off the hook: Bernie Sanders and his loyal followers.

Let me explain.

A few months before the election, the friend and I visited with another couple, who are more than a decade older than us and were Berniacs.  When talking, one of the older friends asked me what I thought about Sanders's criticism of how the US workers were being shafted by the fact that we don't manufacture anything here in America.

Without adopting a faculty tone, and without being snarky like how some of my blog-posts (examples: one, two, three ...) have been on this topic, I gave them my take on the economic geography of manufacturing.

But, these issues were/are less about logic and facts and more about how one "feels."  The Berniacs were often less interested in logic and evidence as much as the trumpeters couldn't care about logic and evidence.

In the process of expressing their "feelings," Sanders and his followers completely destroyed Hillary Clinton's credibility.  Remember those days, from only a few months ago?  It was best summed up by susan sarandon, echoing many, many, Berniacs, referring to Hillary Clinton as being more dangerous than trump:
“But this is what we’re fed. ‘He’s so dangerous. He’s so dangerous,'” Sarandon said, shrugging off Trump’s most controversial rhetoric as too implausible to be considered a serious threat.
“Seriously I am not worried about a wall being built, he is not going to get rid of every Muslim in this country… but seriously, I don’t know what his policy is. I do know what her policies are, I do know who she is taking money from, and I do know that she is no transparent, and I do know that nobody calls her on it”
Yep, that was the typical line from the loony left.

I was way concerned about this because, as many posts in this blog showed, I was intensely worried about the real possibility of Clinton losing in the general elections and the fascist winning.  Defeating the fascist was infinitely more important to me than debating whether Clinton was an honest politician.  Berniacs repeating the line that Clinton was more dangerous to the country than trump was seemed reckless and foolish.

Of course, there were more than a few of us worried about the effect the Berniacs were having.  Like this headline from last June, which says it all: "Did Bernie Sanders Hand Trump the Election?"

And the Berniac defiance grew:
You heard similar language—or at least a similar tone—from Sanders surrogates like actress Rosario Dawson, who told a collection of Bernie supporters and delegates that they should press on with their demands, regardless of what happens. “If Trump wins,” she said, “it’s not our fault.”
"regardless of what happens" ... how terrible!

The sanders campaign was, for all purposes, a mirror image of the trump campaign--filled with populist rhetoric on making America great, and it was all about the man.
Whatever your opinions about Clinton, the most progressive Democratic platform in history was on the ballot with her; any Bernie Sanders supporter worth their salt should’ve been able to see that. If they cared about progressive policy they would have bothered to show up.
This election will leave the party with many newly perceived facts to study, but one seems to be that many young voters and young Sanders supporters, in particular, weren’t actually voting for him because of where he stands on the issues: if they were, the platform would have mattered. They wanted him for reasons the Americans always choose their political candidates: for his aura – a star-power defined in terms of a masculinity that’s become synonymous with political charisma.
Those damn Berniacs. Assholes who gave us this president!


Ramesh said...

Completely agree. Sanders was the mirror image of Trump - a decent, honourable, but nevertheless dangerous version.

I am actually of the view that the loony left is even more dangerous than the rabid right. Both are awful, but if you were to dispassionately consider the long term harm that either can do, the loony left is worse.

The trend in the world of extreme positions is a worrying one. Its happening everywhere. Jeremy Corbyn is the British version of Sanders. The left would rather see Labour becoming extinct than dilute their pristine version of extremism. The Socialists in France have put up exactly a similar guy as their Presidential candidate.

World over positions are hardening and civil discourse, tolerance and willingness to see another point of view is disappearing. There is little maturity and level headedness in opinion forming. Every form of government is lurching to the extreme - democracies world over, kleptocracy like Russia, softly religious regimes like Turkey, nutcases like the Philippines, and even communist China. Germany and Canada are the only shining beacons in this dispiriting world.

Sriram Khé said...

I agree with almost everything ... except the part where you write that "the loony left is worse" than the trump right. I disagree. I will take the loony left any day over trump and whatever his "ism" is.
Because, the loony left absolutely recognizes the equality of all humans, whatever their religion, skin color, sexual orientation, language ... the loony left of Sanders or Corbyn is inclusive. The trump crowd and the rabid right practices and preaches discrimination.
When you write that loony left is worse, I fear you are looking at only the implications for what their policies mean for the stock market. That is a remarkably narrow slice of life.

News reports suggest that Germany too is increasingly in trouble. Merkel is being squeezed by the ultra-right and the ultra-left, exactly like how Clinton was squeezed out :(

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