Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Today's moronic idea ... is tomorrow's death!

When the demagogue and his minions love a Kennedy, then certainly those strange bedfellows can lead us only in one direction: Insanity!

It is more than insanity.  It is deadly.  Literally.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and the demagogue are simpaticos when it comes to vaccine and autism.
vaccine denialism became a central issue in American public health as a result of his study. And Kennedy, along with the actress Jenny McCarthy, became one of the cause’s most famous supporters. ... Perhaps it should come as no surprise, then, that Kennedy told reporters yesterday that Donald Trump—who has, over the years, issued a stream of inaccurate and conspiratorial tweets on the subject of vaccines and autism—has asked him to “chair a commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity.’’
Welcome to the United States of Bullshit; it is most fitting that the demagogue will now become the Bullshitter-in-Chief!
[The] Trump vaccine commission is not simply a bad idea—it is a deadly one. Asking Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to chair a commission on scientific integrity is like asking Ted Kaczynski to run the United States Postal Service.
I love that line about Kaczynski ;)

But, smile and laugh we cannot.
A conspiracy theory such as the one about the autism vaccine is like an untreated wound. It has festered for years, and yesterday Trump and Kennedy guaranteed that it can only deepen—causing tremendous destruction and needless pain.
Thanks, you atrocious Republican voters who elected the demagogue!

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