Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Foaming at the mouth

Don't worry, I am fine.  I am not foaming at the mouth.  At least, not yet!

Even students apparently know that; earlier today a student came by for a chat and said he is now too busy to read my blog posts every day.

I know what you are thinking: how can anybody be so busy that they can't read my blog, right? ;)

"Do you really have a quiet life in Eugene like you write in the blog?" he asked.

Life in the ashram is quiet and peaceful.  "Nobody to bug me, and I don't bug others" I replied.

So, foaming at the mouth is not me.  Certainly not this "steady Eddie" as the friend refers to me sometimes.

But, nature can sometimes foam at the mouth, it seems.  Photos of volcanic eruptions, like the latest one in Chile, certainly do feel like nature is furious.

And then there are times when we humans make nature foam.  Literally!

Caption at the source:
Froth from Varthur Lake spilled on the nearby road on Monday

That's no special effects, dear reader! :(
Like a washing machine that has had too much detergent put in it, Varthur lake – one of the largest lakes in the city – started to sprout out white froth, at least five feet high, on Monday.
 I wonder how far away from this lake is the residence of the debating partner.  Maybe he is foaming at the mouth after witnessing it in real time!
Environmentalist Yellappa Reddy said the froth was due to washing machine detergents, which flowed into the lake with the raw sewage let in. “These detergents have high concentration of phosphates, which leads to lowering of the biological oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand of the lake. This will cause aquatic life in the lake to die slowly,” he said. An officer in the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board said the froth was formed due to the reaction of detergents and toilet cleaners with warm water.
How much environmental impacts will it take for people in the old country to metaphorically foam at the mouth and demand cleaner air, water, and land?  But then, perhaps they are happy with the Faustian Bargain of economic growth at any cost.


Ramesh said...

Yup - that lake is close to my place. Its an absolute disgrace - the pollution there cannot even be imagined in fiction.

To rub salt into the wounds, a big builder is building a huge apartment complex, selling each apartment for a crore plus (allright 10 million) and calling it "Lakeside Habitat".

You may be steady Eddie, but I am foaming in the mouth all the time - these days most commonly after reading a post of yours with which I violently disagree :):)

Sriram Khé said...

Lakeside Habitat ... ouch!

"a post" as in one particular post, or any post that makes you foam? ;)

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