Monday, March 12, 2012

Facebook blocked in India

So, ... it finally happened.  The federal government that was annoyed with the freedom to criticize political leaders, especially Sonia Gandhi, went to court against Facebook.  As a result, no access to Facebook as of this morning.

One web site offers this explanation:
I wonder what will happen now to those forty million users; I remember all too well Tunku Varadarajan's tongue-in-cheek report a while ago:
Social media was invented for Indians, says Sree Sreenivasan, a digital media professor at Columbia and co-founder of SAJA, the South Asian Journalists Association. "They take to it naturally and with great passion. It allows them to do two things they love: Tell everyone what they are doing; and stick their noses into other people's business."
If I see a few people walking around saying "like" or searching for a "comment" ... well, FB-detox awaits :)

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Logesh said...

pls dont block it...

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