Sunday, February 25, 2018

Kadhal Vanthiruchu

She was 54.


One of my earliest favorites of hers was from 1979.  Of this:

It came at the right time for the 15-year old me who loved going to school especially because of that girl.

Sridevi died. Cardiac arrest.


Only a few months older than me.  But wonderfully more accomplished than I could ever be.

When I was waiting for my mustache to grow, like in the photo on the upper right of this blog, she was already a veteran in singing and dancing and acting.  Like in this one:

When the movie was released, discussions were in plenty on whether Sridevi was really 16 or much older than that, but pretending to be younger like how female actors liked to do.  She looked well developed for 16.  And then it turned out that she was not even 16.  Heck, not even 15!

Years later, my brother forced us to watch a movie of hers.  After many decades I watched her in a movie, and she didn't look that much older since the last one--was it Moondram Pirai, I wonder.

I suppose Sridevi wrapped up all the things she had to get get done because she was racing against a clock that was rapidly winding down.

I will end this with another clip; Sridevi is the young girl with shorty-shorts in a movie that I got to know because it was my sister's favorite when she was in high school.


Ramesh said...

How fleeting life is.

Sriram Khé said...


I wonder why that idea never sinks in ... and why we humans are hell bent on causing pain to others!